We know why you are here. People are looking for weighing/measuring equipment for their specific needs. If a scale store does not do its job and just sells a scale to you, you will possibly end up buying a scale that cant work as you need or you may spend much more money than necessary.

Heres why we are here: our professional team is doing just one job “finding the exact scale you need at the lowest price possible. This job is simple but not easy. Our teamconsists of scale experts with more than 100 years combined experience. We know every detail of our scales. We are all licensed scale professionals. Our purchasing team is digging quality scales from all qualified vendors every day. Our service team makes sure everything is right ” before and after the sale. Thanks to your support our big sales volume enables us to keep our buying cost down. In return we pass our low cost to you. So theres no surprises why we are selling our products at much lower prices than other websites. In one word we have built a good cycle to save money for you ” with no compromise of quality or service.

We didn’t name ourselves Scale Depot until we had more than 20 reliable scale brands and more than 1000 products. Our category covers but is not limited to floor scales, counting scales, bench scales, crane scales, shipping scales, truck scales, balances, retail scales, food scales, check weigher’s, indicators and load cells etc. We also carry packing equipment such as stretch wrap machines, Electric pallet Jacks, Electric pallet stackers, conveyor systems and so much more.

Still cant find your scale? No problem! Tell us your needs and we will build one for you. We have R&D; and manufacturing team in California. We can customize a scale to fit your needs. You are more than welcome to call us at 909-687-0869 Ext 101. Also I need to let you know that our website is very easy to use too. Everything is categorized and the search function is very powerful and accurate. Checking out is superfast and easy. Tracking number will be updated when the order is shipped then you will receive the email automatically.

If you encounter any issue about your experience on our website, please let us know right away. If you like our site and our service, please tell your friends (and Facebook friends too)!

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