It all started with a Prune Danish.

Two men from two different worlds, yet, the Prune Danish is what Mendel and Kyle had in common. Kyle was a veteran businessman with a thick rolodex and even thicker Brooklyn accent. And Mendel? Well, he was a 23-year-old computer geek who was making fast money as one of the earliest online sellers on eBay.

It was a hot summer day in New York and Kaplan’s Bakery on 2nd Avenue only had one Prune Danish left. Mendel and Kyle got into it. The two chatted and Mendel proposed he come down to Kyle’s warehouse and move some goods on this new thing called the “Internet.”

Kyle still won’t use a computer. Kyle simply knows the right people and can get crazy deals. Mendel has been making these deals available online since 2001.

The Prune Danish is the online portal for the quality deals that the duo can come up with. Only the highest quality items ever enter Kyle’s warehouse, and amazing deals are offered on Mendel’s website.

So, that’s the story behind Prune Danish. Two guys working hard to make amazing deals online.

Keep coming back to the Prune Danish and we guarantee you’ll like what you see.

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April 30, 2014
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