Purveyors of luxurious hand-woven materials, Cashmere Pashmina Group is a company that thrives on offering uncompromising quality in natural fabrics, such as cashmeres, pashmina, silk, fine wools, cottons. In particular, the company specializes in cashmere and pashmina, considered some of the most luxurious wools in the world. It all started with the owners obsession with wispy soft blankets. From the time she was a toddler, Renees family called her a ~blanket baby since her preferred pastime was to snuggle under her favorite blankie. Renees obsession with blankets eventually turned into a love for shawls. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, she was exposed to fine wools and silks in their raw form at an early age. There was nothing she liked more than to shop for exotic wool blend shawls to match her outfit. Her taste became so discerning that she learned to distinguish between the different qualities of wool and made it her business to learn all she could about the various methods of weaving. Noting her preoccupation with luxurious shawls, her family, which owned several jewelry stores, offered to sponsor her in a venture into the business of making her own shawls. Hence, the beginning of Cashmere Pashmina Group, Inc.

The difference between Cashmere Pashmina Group and many other companies is our sensitivity to the need to support the artisans who live in the remote regions of Kashmir in the Himalayan Mountains. Since the high altitudes and terrain in this area make it difficult for the production of vegetation, over the years the Kashmiri people adapted by refining and passing down through the generations the fine art of weaving, embroidering, carpet-weaving, papier mache, etc. By offering work to these craftsmen, the cottage village flourishes and the ancient art of hand-looming and delicate embroidery work is not lost to modernization. Cashmere Pashmina Group prides itself on cultivating some of the finest embroideries and exquisite weave work on cashmere fabrics. Interestingly, most of the finest embroidery work is executed by males, who traditionally have more time to devote to the art than the women. Some of our finer embroideries can take a few months to several years to complete. While we promote the artistry of weaving, we do not allow child labor or cruelty to the goats, from which the cashmere and pashmina wool are sheared.

Another interesting facet of the company is our insistence that we offer eco-friendly products ” a completely green line of cashmere products. Our Green line is comprised of wools that are left in its natural state, or ivory color. No dyes are used on these items and all embroidery and crewel work are made with natural wool or silk threads that are done by hand and usually signed by the artist. In addition, Renee, who is a lifelong vegan vegetarian, is a stickler for maintaining respect for animals and the environment. Therefore, all shipping packaging, shopping bags and tags for the company are made from recyclable materials. We believe that every step we take towards living a ~greener life will help to the lower the carbon footprint the company leaves on the ecology. In addition, the painstaking process of shawl-making is totally done by hand, from the handlooms to the dye process which is manually stirred by hand.

We insist in using only eco-friendly Azo-free dyes. Even though these dyes are colorfast, they are not harmful to the environment. The company prefers the painstaking process of ironing the individual shawls as opposed to the more modern techniques of electric iron press machines. In this way, we contribute toward the livelihood of the villagers who depend on the work. We hope these small steps taken will aid the resettlement of those talented artisans in the region. We believe it will support and fortify the ancient art of weaving and embroidery while rejuvenating while supporting these families financially. Your purchase helps us to keep this art from becoming extinct while providing much needed support to underdeveloped areas.

What we stand for

At Cashmere Pashmina Group, we understand the needs of our clientele. We know you are discriminating just by the mere fact that you have sought out such a luxury product. We know you want the finest quality product delivered with the least amount of drama. Therefore, we make sure that every effort is made to meet your expectations. We pride our self in expediting the order on the same business day we receive it, Special orders are handled with emphasis on accuracy so that no page is left unturned. We have an exacting procedure for handling the simplest order to the most complicated; to ensure that each and every client will be satisfied they called on us.

The company is constantly evolving from its commitment to breast cancer and the Pink line which donates part of the proceeds towards breast cancer to promoting a greener environment. The founders are firm believers in the need to promote a spiritual peace that will promote non-violence in a world comprised of international peace and harmony.

Therefore, we open heartedly welcome you to discover our enchanting world of handmade Pashminas.

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