DRINKPOD USA manufactures and distributes healthy, environmentally friendly, all-purpose drink/water solutions (similar to water coolers), their replacement filters, and provide installation services or DIY kits. Our products are called Drinkpods, and they provide drinking stations for consumer and business environments though a compact, commercial grade appliance capable of providing purified, filtered water to individuals or large groups of people. They utilize water from existing plumbing, run the water through multiple stages of filtration/purification including carbon, scale, sediment, UV light, reverse osmosis, UF, PH, and post carbon block. The water is then available to users in 2 to 3 temperatures, hot and cold stored in stainless steel reservoirs, and direct access to room temperature to accommodate heavy usage. They are energy efficient, have multiple redundant safety systems, and many additional features (dependent on model) such as anti-microbial touchpads, digital displays, cup rests, integrated cup dispensers, accent lighting, modern sleek design, etc. These appliances are optimal for all types of home and office beverages including but not limited to hot ciders, coffee, sports and energy mix drinks, teas, etc.

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