Oil Burner and Pump
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Brand Econo Heat
Condition New

Oil Burner and Pump by Econo Heat

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Omni's patented burner technology improves the efficiency of the oil burn process by continuous stabilization of the oil viscosity. Optimum atomization (spray) is accomplished by precisely pre-heating the oil and air prior to introduction to the combustion chamber. The waste oil enters into the Oil Pre-Heater Block and is pre-heated to operating thermo set point, then compressed air from the air compressor is mixed with the oil prior to spraying out the nozzle similar to fuel injection, by breaking up the oil droplets into a finer mist or spray (atomization). Electrodes mounted just above the nozzle provides continuous electrical arc across electrode to electrode igniting the fine oil mist as it sprays out of the nozzle. Once ignited the flame is forced into a swirl caused by the burners blower and specially designed flame cone providing a very efficient and thorough burn of the waste oil. Burner Components Igniter Transformer: Supplies high voltage to the electrodes generating electrical arc igniting the oil. Oil Valve: energizes when burner is running and de-energizes when burner is not running eliminating bleed back of oil out of the Pre-heater block. Air Band: Adjusts amount of air introduced into the combustion chamber. Air band is adjusted at the factory for optimum performance. NO FIELD ADJUSTMENT REQUIRED unless in high altitudes application where minor adjustment may be required. Oil Primary Control: Controls the oil burner ignition. Checks for flame in the combustion chamber, if no flame is detected within 45 seconds, the oil primary will shutdown the oil burner. To restart the unit, reset the red button on the oil primary. Oil Pre-Heater Block: Pre-heats the oil and air before entering combustion chamber. Photo Eye: Senses flame in combustion chamber and signals oil primary when no flame is present. Igniter Springs: Transfers the high voltage from the igniter transformer to the electrodes (when door is closed). Air Pressure Gauge: Displays air pressure supplied by onboard air compressor. Air Compressor: Supplies air used within pre-heater block to aid in atomization of the oil. Air Muffler/Filter: Filters air and muffles the sound generated by the compressor. Pre-Heater Control Circuit Board: Precisely controls temperature of the Oil Pre-Heater Block and controls safety feature of not allowing burner to energize until oil has established operating thermo set point or shutdown burner if Pre-Heater Block temperature falls below shutdown thermo set point. Electrodes: Provides continuous high voltage electrical arc from electrode to electrode igniting the waste oil as it is being sprayed out of the nozzle. Nozzle: Low pressure nozzle for oil spray pattern. Flame Cone: Specially engineered flame cone forces the flame into a swirl pattern improving the burn thoroughness. Burner Motor: Multitask motor turns the burner blower and integrated air compressor. Air Pressure Adjuster: Adjusts the air pressure going to the pre-heater block. Should be adjusted between 12 PSI and 13PSI as indicated on the Air Pressure Gauge on the burner for thorough burn of the waste oil. Note: In order to insure proper air adjustment, air gauge must read 0 when burner is cycled off or powered down.. Oil Pressure Adjustment: Adjust flame length in the heater combustion chamber viewed through the inspection port located directly above the burner gun assembly by increasing CW or decreasing CCW the adjuster located on the oil delivery pump (figure7). The adjuster increases or decreases the pump motors RPM, which increases or decreases the delivery of fuel to the burner. When you increase or decrease the fuel to the burner, you will notice the flame length will increase or decrease. Adjust flame length so flame is just slightly less than halfway down main combustion chamber tube. Important: Power Indicator: Indicates when power is present at the burner. Run Indicator: Indicates that the burner is ready for operation after the initial pre-heat time of approx. 5 minutes from initial power up. Power Switch: Switches power off and on to the burner. NOTE: Not applicable on OWH Series Furnaces. Specifications:. Burner Assembly Performance Ratings Voltage - 115 VAC Cycles - 60Hz Total Operating Amperage (Burner Only) Amp 8.4 Total Operating Amperage (Burner and Oil Pump) Amp 10.5 Electrical Operating Consumption (Burner Only) Watts 970 Electrical Operating Consumption (Burner and Oil Pump) Watts 1,212 Weight Lbs. 36.5 Oil Primary Amp 0.2 Oil Valve Amp 0.075 Pre-Heater Block Amp 4.2 Pre-Heater Controller Board Amp 0.011 Igniter Transformer Amp 0.3 Burner Motor Amp 3.6 Pump Assembly Performance Ratings Voltage - 115Vac Cycles - 60Hz Total Operating Amperage (Pump Assy Only) Amps 2.1 Electrical Operating Consumption (Pump Assy Only) Watts 241.5 Weight Lbs. 16 Oil Valve Amps 0.075 Pump Motor Amps 2.0
Brand:Econo HeatCondition:New
Shipping Weight:37Material:Oil
UPC:5054424162566 MPN:BURNER & PUMP

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