HP Compaq Pavilion XT276 NX9000 Compatible AC Adapter Power Supply
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Product ID 909803
Brand Cet Domain
Condition New

HP Compaq Pavilion XT276 NX9000 Compatible AC Adapter Power Supply by Cet Domain

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QUALITY PA-1600-06, IBM 11J8627, 02K6900.NEC OP-520-75601, TADPOLE API-7629, US-ACII, D-AC.TOSHIBA PA3165U-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3032U-1ACA, PA3395U- 1BRS, PA3421U-1BRS.VIEWSONIC VSACC24666, TPC-PCA-002, SDH-ADPT-001, PA-1500-01, 91.47T28.001, VPR MATRIX VPRN-AC100.WINBOOK ADP-60DB.Input: AC100V - 240V.Frequency: 50-60Hz.Output: 18.5V-4.9A.Output: 18.5V-4.9A.
Product Content:
1 x Laptop Adapter.
Location:Hong Kong
Brand:Cet DomainCondition:New
Shipping Weight:0.75MPN:2C114005

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