30.5mm Professional 3 Piece Glass Filter Kit
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Brand Snap It Digital
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30.5mm Professional 3 Piece Glass Filter Kit by Snap It Digital

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Features: 30.5mm Professional 3 Piece Glass Filter Kit "These filters are specially manufactured from superior high qualities optics to deliver premium digital & video photography" Features: Digital Anti-Reflection - Specially formulated to pass light reflected off of a Digital Camera's & Camcorders anti aliasing filter and silicon based CCD or CMOS sensor. Silver Almite Frame & Silver Rimmed Glass - The silver matte aluminum satin finish almite frame and silver rimmed glass aid in reducing stray light and unwanted reflections. Knurled Frame Edges - Frames feature a knurled edge frame for easy attachment and removal. Item Includes: Glass Ultraviolet Filter (UV) - The Digital UV filter absorbs the ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoors photographs hazy and indistinct. It is a multi-purpose fine weather filter for color as well as black and white photos and also serves as a permanent lens protector. Glass Circular Polarizer Filter (CPL) - Light rays which are reflected by any surface become polarized and polarizing filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens. The Circular Polarizing Filter allows you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass etc. It also will enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer, with better contrast. This effect is often used to increase the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds. Glass Fluorescent Filter (FL-D) - This filter corrects the green cast created when using daylight under fluorescent lamps with daylight tubes. It restores the natural colors of your shooting objects. Filter Case Included 10 Year Warranty. Specifications: It is designed to work with all Cameras & Camcorders having a 30.5mm filter thread. Canon: DC410, DC420, Optura 300, Optura 400, Optura 500, Optura PI, MV650, MV650i, ZR10, ZR20, ZR25MC, ZR30MC, ZR40, ZR45MC, ZR50MC, ZR60, ZR65MC, ZR70MC, ZR80, ZR85, ZR90, ZR960 Hitachi: DZ-MV350, DZ-MV350A, DZ-MV350E, DZ-MV780, DZ-MV780A, DZ-MV780E, DZ-MV780MA, DZ-MV780R, DZ-MV780S Jvc: GC-A70, GR-AXM18, GR-D850, GR-D850UA, GR-D850UB, GR-D850UC, GR-D850US, GR-D870, GR-D870UB, GR-D870UC, GR-D870US, GR-DF430, GR-DF450, GR-DF470, GR-SXM38, GZ-HD300, GZ-HD300A, GZ-HD300AEK, GZ-HD300AUS, GZ-HD300B, GZ-HD300BEK, GZ-HD300BU, GZ-HD300BUS, GZ-HD300R, GZ-HD300REK, GZ-HD300RUS, GZ-HD320, GZ-HD320B, GZ-HD320BE, GZ-HD320BEU, GZ-HD320BUS, GZ-HM200, GZ-HM200A, GZ-HM200AUS, GZ-HM200B, GZ-HM200BEK, GZ-HM200BEU, GZ-HM200BU, GZ-HM200BUS, GZ-HM200BAA, GZ-HM200R, GZ-HM200RUS, GZ-MG27U, GZ-MG37U, GZ-MG40, GZ-MG40U, GZ-MG50, GZ-MG50U, GZ-MG130, GZ-MG130U, GZ-MG130UA, GZ-MG130UB, GZ-MG130UC, GZ-MG130US, GZ-MG155, GZ-MG155UC, GZ-MG155US, GZ-MG230, GZ-MG230U, GZ-MG230US, GZ-MG255, GZ-MG255UB, GZ-MG255US, GZ-MG330, GZ-MG330B, GZ-MG330R, GZ-MG330RU, GZ-MG330H, GZ-MG330HUA, GZ-MG330HUB, GZ-MG330HUC, GZ-MG330HUS, GZ-MG335, GZ-MG335H, GZ-MG335HUC, GZ-MG335HUS, GZ-MG335WUS, GZ-MG360, GZ-MG361, GZ-MG361H, GZ-MG365, GZ-MG365BUC, GZ-MG365BUS, GZ-MG530, GZ-MG630, GZ-MG630A, GZ-MG630AU, GZ-MG630AUC, GZ-MG630AUS, GZ-MG630R, GZ-MG630RU, GZ-MG630RUB, GZ-MG630RUC, GZ-MG630RUS, GZ-MG630S, GZ-MG630SEK, GZ-MG630SU, GZ-MG630SUA, GZ-MG630SUB, GZ-MG630SUC, GZ-MG630SUS, GZ-MG645, GZ-MG645B, GZ-MG645BEK, GZ-MG650, GZ-MG650B, GZ-MG650BUA, GZ-MG650BUC, GZ-MG650BUS, GZ-MG670, GZ-MG670B, GZ-MG670BU, GZ-MG670BUS, GZ-MG680, GZ-MG680B, GZ-MG680BEK, GZ-MG680BU, GZ-MG680BUB, GZ-MG680BUC, GZ-MG680BUS, GZ-MG740, GZ-MG840, GZ-MG840-A, GZ-MG840-S, GZ-MG840B, GZ-MG840R, GZ-MG880, GZ-MG880B, GZ-MS90, GZ-MS90EK, GZ-MS90EU, GZ-MS90REK, GZ-MS100, GZ-MS100R, GZ-MS100RUS, GZ-MS100UA, GZ-MS100UB, GZ-MS100UC, GZ-MS100US, GZ-MS120, GZ-MS120A, GZ-MS120AEK, GZ-MS120AU, GZ-MS120AUA, GZ-MS120AUC, GZ-MS120AUS, GZ-MS120B, GZ-MS120BU, GZ-MS120BUB, GZ-MS120BUC, GZ-MS120BUS, GZ-MS120P, GZ-MS120PUC, GZ-MS120R, GZ-MS120RU, GZ-MS120RUC, GZ-MS120RUS, GZ-MS120S, GZ-MS120SE, GZ-MS120SEK, GZ-MS120SUA, GZ-MS120U, GZ-MS130, GZ-MS130A, GZ-MS130AUS, GZ-MS130B, GZ-MS130BUA, GZ-MS130BUS, GZ-MS130BEK Panasonic: HDC-SD10, HDC-SD10PP, HDC-SD10K, HDC-TM10, HDC-TM10PP, HDC-TM10K, HDC-TM10GK, HDC-TM15, HDC-TM15PP, HDC-TM15K, PV-GS19, PV-GS29, PV-GS31, PV-GS35, PV-GS36, PV-GS39, PV-GS59, VDR-D100, VDR-D105, VDR-D200, VDR-M30, VDR-M30PP, VDR-M75, VDR-M75PP Samsung: SC-DX103, SC-DX103/XAA, SC-DX200, SC-DX205, SC-DX205/XAA, SC-MX20, SC-MX20/XAA, SC-MX20B, SC-MX20H, SC-MX20L, SC-MX20R, SC-MX20C, SC-MX20CH, SC-MX20E, SC-MX20EL, SC-MX20ER, SMX-F30, SMX-F30BN, SMX-F30LN, SMX-F30RN, SMX-F30SN, SMX-F33, SMX-F33BN, SMX-F33LN, SMX-F33RN, SMX-F33SN, SMX-F34, SMX-F34BN, SMX-F34BN/XAA, SMX-F34LN, SMX-F34LN/XAA, SMX-F34RN, SMX-F34RN/XAA, SMX-F34SN, SMX-F34SN/XAA, VP-DX200, VP-DX205 And Many More.

Brand:Snap It DigitalCondition:New

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