Real Deal All Natural Snacks Veggie Chip Sriracha (12x6OZ )

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Real Deal All Natural Snacks
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Gluton Free:No
Nut Free:No
Dairy Free:No

Product Description

80% less fat than potato chips! 1 oz = 1-1 - 2 vegetable servings. All natural. Gluten free. Real Good: As far back as we can remember we've worked our Corriere family farm in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. And market day was the time to truck our bounty to the town-square market in Easton. In 1946 my father and his brothers decided to take it up a notch and produce natural, crunchy snacks. This was real farm goodness from our fields made into wholesome, great tasting snacks in the traditional way. Back then it was actually delivered in old-fashioned tin cans. Now we guarantee the freshest product possible in the modern-day packaging you see on the shelf. Always looking for new snacks, my family was one of the first to offer corn chips and tortilla chips. Now, through a unique process we're able to transform real peas, real corn and real rice into wholesome, great tasting and crunchy veggie chips. The real deal is real good. - Bill Corriere, Jr. Come see us on Facebook. A Snappy Vegetable Snack with a Delicious Crunch: Satisfy your craving for crunch! Get all the goodness of garden vegetables in this crispy snack treat. All natural. Gluten free. Kosher. Vegan. Low fat. Garden of crunchy delights! Real peas. Real corn. Real rice. Imagine a luscious garden where nutritious vegetables grow into crispy snack chips. With The Real Deal Veggie Chips you can harvest the best nature has to offer. Crunchy, delicious all-natural snacks that provide a serving and a half of vegetables in every ounce. Sriracha Real Veggie Chips are gluten free and vegan. Spiced with exotic Sriracha - a tangy Thai hot sauce - these crisp, wholesome, anytime snack chips have a delicious flavor kick. The Real Deal Real Veggie Chips - a garden of crunchy delights! Guaranteed fresh. From our family to yours. Try every one of the Real Deal natural snacks. There's a delightfully delicious flavor for every member of your family. Use versatile Real Deal All Natural Snacks to add a unique, mouth-pleasing crunch to your favorite soups or salads.

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